Nah, Youn Sun - Waking World - LP 180 Gr.

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he world awakens when the light breaks through. When the color returns - and: the dream bursts. On her new album Waking World, Youn Sun Nah envisions and explores regions she has never set foot before: the celebrated jazz singer from Seoul takes full responsibility for the songwriting for the first time. It happened that way because there was no other way: writing as a way out of the dark, as a remedy against stagnation. This resulted in 11 haunting compositions that make up their eleventh studio album: »Waking World«.

"I always thought I wasn't ready to take on the role of composer," says Youn Sun Nah, who released her first album 20 years ago. Since then she has mainly interpreted the melodies of others - most recently those of Leonard Cohen or Motown icon Marvin Gaye (on the predecessor »Immersion«, 2019). So now only her own compositions: songs that oscillate between lightness and painful insight, that always bear her signature - in the wide space between pop gestures, folk intimacy, surprising jazz instrumentations, condensed »less is more«.

"Waking World" combines vignettes of their world that are illuminated in different ways: "It's not just about songs, but rather about fragments of a story, like sequences that follow one another," she says. She deliberately avoids classic song structures, constructing the pieces more like poems “that are inspired by individual images”. “First I deal with harmonies. Then with the melody. And only then does the text come into play.”

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