Ashby, Dorothy - Wess, Frank - In a Minor Groove - LP 180 Gr.

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VINILO NUEVO. Take from the original mono tapes.

Possibly the greatest - and easily the most swinging - jazz harpist of all time, Dorothy Ashby transformed an instrument best known for ethereal glissandi into a versatile voice in combo settings that voice in combo settings that can offer both instrumental embroidery and rhythmic drive.

But she's always had a hard time finding critical and commercial success; both their gender and the exoticism of their instrument often prevented them from being taken seriously in the closed environment of late '50s and '60s jazz. But it was precisely the uniqueness of her sound and her place in the jazz world that made her one of the most sought-after musicians of her time, as her music was embraced by modern hip-hop and world music artists (e.g. Jurassic Five, Bonobo) sampled and celebrated in equal measure.

"In a Minor Groove" is one of two albums she released in 1958 with flautist/saxophonist Frank Wess, it's a marvel. Backed by fellow Detroit native Herman Wright on bass and the great Roy Haynes on drums, she and Wess weave intriguing melodic threads through standards like "Alone Together" and "Yesterdays."

But perhaps the most amazing track is "Bohemia After Dark," which showcases Ashby's uncanny ability to turn her harp into a rhythm guitar!

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