Ellis, Don - How Time Passes - LP 180 Gr.

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"How Time Passes" is a fascinating mix of jazz and contemporary classical influences. Trumpeter and composer Don Ellis' debut album breaks new ground.

Known for his extensive musical experimentation, particularly in the area of ​​time signatures, Ellis began his long career in New York City's post-bop and avant-garde jazz scenes of the late 1950s. He worked primarily on Charles Mingus' Mingus Dynasty as well as albums by George Russell and Maynard Feguson.

But he also worked with the Glenn Miller Orchestra, Lionel Hampton and Woody Herman, among others. On later albums, Ellis took a much wilder direction. Here, on his first recording as a bandleader, the experimentation begins. Ellis pushes the boundaries of bop-based jazz playing with time, tempo and meter. It is the beginning of his exploration of Third Stream - a fusion of jazz and contemporary classical music. The title of the album itself - "How Time Passes" - comes from an article by the controversial German composer Karlheinz Stockhausen about the "function of time".

The exceptional line-up includes Ron Carter on bass, the underrated Jaki Byard on piano and saxophone and Charlie Persip on drums. The LP features exceptional liner notes from Candid A&R man and producer Nat Hentoff and renowned musician, historian and writer Gunther Schuller - the inventor of the term "Third Stream" - which add context and insight to these extraordinary performances.



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